How and from where to start AWS cloud journey ?

How and from where to start AWS cloud journey ?

Helpful notes to kick start AWS cloud journey.

I came across one request for an article over a hashnode platform. Being an AWS Cloud enthusiast I thought of sharing all my findings and some research projects to do.

Perquisites: - AWS free tier account to kick off journey - Credit card or debit card is mandatory ( It will not charge if you are using rightly free tier resources)

Starting with AWS Cloud is not rocket science that no one can kick off. What exactly you need is a passion to explore things and no fear to try out new things.

Don't overthink how its difficult, Just start :

Just start. Focus on developing the skills and then delivering. All the help you'll need is available over AWS documentation and youtube videos. Whatever questions you think will get answered over community platforms like StackOverflow, AWS forum etc.


Where you can find resources to learn :

- Documentation ( one of good documentation ) - - -

Where you can ask question :

- - -

What AWS Cloud provide :

You can see in the picture below that it provides all services which you can think of in software development.

AWS Products

**Most commonly used services **:

- AWS EC2 ( Hosting dynamic website or Windows/Linux server. - AWS S3 bucket ( used for storage media or image and hosting static website like Angular, HTML/CSS, React etc) - RDS ( database management like MySQL or Postgres ) - Lambda ( Micro services which generally doesn't required to set up server) - API gateway ( Rest API or Edge point for serving content or integration purpose ) - Route 53 ( Network provider like managing domain, subdomain and their endpoint or alias etc) - IAM ( Identity management for access control. It has magic of managing all ACL )

Interesting services which can try out as newly :

- AWS textract ( its extract text from PDF or image in raw or form format ) - AWS Code guru - AWS SNS ( Event driven mechanism which can be used for process flow creation. Its work like pub sub model) - AWS steps functions ( Server less function orchestrator that makes it easy to sequence AWS Lambda functions) - AWS Chatbot - AWS Lex ( Service for building conversational interfaces using voice and text) - Amazon Rekognition ( Search, verify, and organize millions of images and videos) - Many more

Which services you should start as beginner :

Here I am finishing helpful details to start AWS Cloud Journey. If any help is required you can reach out to my twitter handler @aviboy2006.

**Some more interesting ideas ** :

More details guide about certification can be found here written by Sam Julien

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