Want to know about SEO ?

Want to know about SEO ?

When somebody hears about SEO, There will be few questions that come in mind:

  • What exactly does SEO ?
  • Why is SEO ?
  • How does it help ?

I am going to explain about SEO but not technically, where as will explain in Lehman terminology where every common person can understand about SEO.

First common answer : SEO is Search Engine Optimisation for websites , products, mobile apps, for events , for many reason and more fish market also.

Hey wait 🖐🏻, where this “Fish Market” came in picture while discussing about SEO which online terminology. If you heard this then you are on right track.

Fish Market is only one of example i would like to explain but similarly there are many more example such as Electronic markets, Food Stalls line etc. Let’s start exercise.

Fish Market

Fish Market

How many went to this kind of market to purchase respective things like fish etc ? Have you heard about mouth publicity there … “Take 5 for 100 Rs” or “ 100 ka 5 ” etc. What they exactly do ? What is use of this ?

They do SEO of their products. Using this they attract their customer. Take a example in Fish market 10 sellers are sitting in row. One customer entered into market to buy fish. Now question is where that customer will go ? first or second or vice versa ? No. He will go where he will get pull off by my loud publicity and mouth publicity. Out of 10 sellers whoever are having good deal, good loud mouth for publicity, crowd and fresh products like wise multiple parameters. Whoever has higher score like more crowd , good fresh products, louder voice to catch up customer will get new customer. Means its about how you can pull new customer or existing customer to your side.

Lets co relate this example to SEO in technical terms. See below screenshot, what happening there when you search terms “Buy mobile in India” in Google search multiple results came. Why Amazon came first and Flipkart came second ? like we said above example scoring of seller. Here score of website which depend on how website traffic and trust ( Crowd), Social media publicity ( Mouth Publicity), Google Ads ( Voice Loud Publicity), Backlinks ( Neighbour who refer you seller), Affordable price ( Good Deal). Google robots or any other search engine robots work on some sort of algorithm which gives score to website or app.

Search engine result

Search engine result

Now got answer for all three questions like what, why and how SEO.

What is SEO : SEO is strategies to stand out of crowd while selling your products or services. Its optimisation mechanism to rank out of best.

Why is SEO : If you are selling or serving in crowded market place then you need to optimise your marketing strategies and make your service or product as best ranker by focusing on scoring parameters

How its help SEO: As i explained in above example its help to attract more customer to you when you are selling or serving in crowded market.

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