Understanding of SEO

Understanding of SEO

Hope you all have read my first article of this SEO series Want to know about seo .

You’ll know that the basis for going into battle is to know your competition first Keep your friends close but your enemies closer, the saying goes. In our SEO battlefield, we’ll look at competitive analysis and keyword research to start

Three base of On Page SEO success(These elements are in the direct control of the publisher) :

  • Rich content(Quality, Research, Words, Fresh, Vertical, Answers, Thin)
  • Best Architecture ( Crawl, Duplicate, Mobile, Speed, URLS, HTTPS, Cloaking)
  • HTML( titles, description, structure, headers, stuffing) Four base of Off Page SEO success (Elements influenced by readers, visitors & other publishers):

  • Trust ( authority, engage, history, identity, piracy, ads)

  • Links ( quality, text, number, paid, spam)
  • Personal ( country, locality, history, social)
  • Social ( reputation, shares) Refer this PDF for details about base:

What is required :

  • Keyword research and heavy competitive analysis
  • Build website search-engine friendly but also user-friendly
  • We should know about our website “Value Proposition”
  • We should know about who is our end use customer.
  • Ensure easy navigation, a clear call to action and relevant content
  • Page speed of home page and all important pages where - customer most of times deal their transduction or action
  • Visitor should know what your site is all about in less than eight seconds.Even if you think your visitors are familiar with your product or service, you’ll still want to make it easy to navigate and user friendly.
  • Website site-map should be good format
  • URL of any pages/post should contains good keywords plus identity of page/post content
  • All meta details ( description,keywords, h1, h2 ,strong, p tag)
  • Headline/Title should contain keyword and proper identity of pages/posts
  • Google plus business profile also help like other social profile ( explained here – blog.kissmetrics.com/simple-guide-to-seo)
  • Monitor your website goal and campaign report redevolution.com/seo-explained

Tool for keywordadwords.google.com/KeywordPlanner

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