Navigating Streamlined Docker container Deployment on AWS

Navigating Streamlined Docker container Deployment on AWS

As the retirement of Docker Compose integration for ECS (Amazon Elastic Container Service) and ACI (Azure Container Instances) approaches in November 2023, there arises a concern about finding suitable alternatives to enable Docker in ECS

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So any alternative?

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Fortunately, a viable alternative called Compose-ECS has emerged, providing an open-source solution for deploying containerised applications in ECS

Compose ECS ( compose-ecs)

compose-ecs is CLI tool to deploy your application using docker container in AWS ECS service with just few commands.

Example, you can deploy any application or tool like Jenkins, WordPress, Angular, React and many more with just help of docker-compose.yaml file. You just have o select your image from Create a file like below

    image: jenkins/jenkins:lts
      - 8080:8080

If you're curious to know how it works and what the difference is between the earlier option and this, then watch this live session.

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