About Us

We are knowledge enthusiasts who are willing to share our knowledge to the digital world by embracing the technology and still not getting too technical about it. As famous French philosopher has quoted “It is good to rub, and polish our brain against that of others.” So here we are trying to polish our knowledge by sharing it with you all and expecting to learn from the interactions.

As our name ‘Internet Katta’ suggests we are offering a digital Katta (place where we can share our thoughts and knowledge) to everyone out there to speak out on the topic of their choice. Yes, you read it right topic of your choice. We are broadening our scope from just being platform for digital news, updates and knowledge sharing to the open platform for all topics be it technology, arts, sports or any other topic of your choice.

Now if it gets you thinking how can you be adding any value just by commenting on the posts or blogs shared here then let us tell you another thing. It’s not just by comments or short posts through which you’ll be read or heard here. If you have any interesting topic that you want to write about and want it to reach out to the audience who are always open for new thoughts and suggestions. We invite you all to write any topic on which you want to voice your opinion or wish to be heard. Please feel free if you have any topic or blog that you would like to share with our audiences by Join Us.